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Severe Drought Warning:

The Department of Ecology has issued a severe drought notice for our area. Hand-water plants only—please do not use sprinklers.

For more information, CLICK HERE »


Residents on the east side of the Pointe may experience drops or loss of water pressure on Friday the 31st, between 11:00am and Noon.

Parts have arrived to make final repairs to the leak at the pressure reducing station. As crews worked earlier in the month at the pressure reducing station, they are confident they know what to expect and will be able to make repairs within a half-hour to get service back to normal quickly.

Work is expected to be completed by noon.

PLEASE don't flush "flushable" wipes, other items:

With the Covid-19 crisis, we are seeing an increase in foreign items in our treatment system that should not be flushed in the first place. PLEASE, flush toilet paper—which safely breaks down—instead of "flushable" wipes, as wipes don't break down and get snagged in sewer laterals and the treatment plant's headworks.

Important announcement regarding COVID-19:

Due to the State of Emergency declared by Mason County and the State of Washington, we wish to advise Hartstene Pointe residents that the Water-Sewer District employees were notified to remain home if ill. The District office is closed to the public, however residents may still transact business as needed over telephone or email. If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message and we will return it as soon as possible.

Please take the precautions you feel are necessary to remain healthy and guarded against threat of illness. Wash your hands regularly and stay away from others if you are ill or vulnerable to illness.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
360-427-2413 |

24/7 Bill Payment:
Phone: (360) 427-2413

District Billing Office Hours:

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Office Number: (360) 427-2413

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Upcoming Special Meetings:

  • Date/Time: Thursday, July 23, 9:00am
  • Place: To Be Conducted via Teleconference
  • Purpose: To conduct a strategic planning workshop

Holiday Closures:

The district office will be closed:

  • July 3, 2020

Drippy the Droplet's Water Saving Tip:

“Proper winterization of pipes within and around your home is an important part of conservation. Help your water system beat the cold and prevent leaks. Winterize!”

Visit for more water saving tips and resources.

"Is It Flushable?":

Please take five minutes and watch this hilarious yet extremely eye opening video about the impact of "flushable" wipes on sanitary sewer systems.

Don't Believe the Hype! Wipes Clog Pipes

"Flushable" wipes are not, in fact, flushable. Wipes and other trash clog pipes and damage pumps and other wastewater treatment equipment. Only toilet paper is designed to break down as it travels through the wastewater treatment process.

Even though a product may say it is "flushable," unless it is toilet paper, it should not be flushed!

Pay Your Bill 24/7 With Our New IVR System!

Here is another fast and convenient way for you to pay your bills 24/7! No computer necessary. Simply call toll-free (877) 434-9310.

What is the IVR system?
The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system provides you with a complete bill payment system over the phone. You can pay your bills anytime and anywhere. All you need is a phone.

How does it work?
You dial the toll-free number (877) 434-9310 and provide your water-sewer account number to locate your bill. The IVR system will tell you your account balance, the payment due date, and then guides you to make your payment. You continue to make payments using a credit card, debit card, or eCheck. You are provided with a confirmation number and notified whether the transaction was successful or not.

Having trouble with the phone payment system?
Be sure to:
~ Wait for the voice to stop speaking before entering your account number
~ Call from a clear phone connection
~ Avoid excessive background noise  

Additionally, you may call the payment center (800) 720-6847 and make payments over the phone with a live operator, if you’d prefer.
Both the IVR system and our payment center offer service in English and Spanish. (Note: Payment center Spanish service hours vary.) If you have questions about IVR, call Xpress Bill Pay at (800) 766-2350. Xpress Bill Pay is the online payment portal for Hartstene Pointe Water-Sewer District.

You also have the option of viewing and paying your bill online. Just click the "Online Payments" link at the top of this webpage.

Sewer Issues? We Can Help!

The District now has a sewer line inspection camera for investigating and locating sewer line issues. This can save hundreds of dollars in fees a plumber would charge to locate the source of sewer issues.

Please contact the District if:

· Sewage backs up into your home

· You smell sewage outside your home

· A manhole cover is missing or out of place

· A cave-in or ground settlement develops in your yard or street near a sanitary sewer

When you call us with an issue, we will respond as quickly as possible to investigate.

If a problem is found in the District sewer line, we will service the line and correct the issue. If the problem is found to be your private line, we will inform you as soon as possible so you may contact a plumber to service your line and repair any damage which may have occurred.

Go Paperless, Set Up AutoPay, and More With New Payment System

As a way to offer you more choices in how you pay your bills, Hartstene Pointe Water-Sewer District has partnered with Xpress Bill Pay, the premier provider for online bill payment systems. Through our new system you can get your bill electronically, check your balance, manage your automatic payment, make a one-time payment, and much more!

All you need is an Internet connection through a Web browser and an e-mail address. It’s simple to use. Every month we’ll send you a reminder e-mail to let you know when your bill is online. Then you just log in to your account at and view your bill. You can also see up to a full year’s history of your account online.

We offered this service at the request of our customers — You asked and we delivered! To sign up, just go to and follow the instructions there. It’s free to sign up and free to use. Sign up today!

Be On the Lookout For Leaks  

Observant residents reporting potential leaks often save the District many hours and resources attempting to locate leaks and treating large amounts of wasted water. If you suspect a water leak please call the District Office at (360) 427-2413 or send an email to